Customized Portfolios

Looking to buy more than 25 portfolios as gifts for clients or staff of your business? Want your company logo on the cover?

Personalized Portfolio by Lautus Designs

We offer discounts for bulk orders and can personalize your portfolios by adding your company's logo to the cover (or almost anywhere else, for that matter).

To request a quote for a bulk order with or without your logo on the portfolio, please contact us with the following information:

  • Number of portfolios to be ordered
  • Which portfolio you wish to order
  • Where you would like your logo (e.g. middle of front cover)
  • Black & white vector image (e.g. AI, SVG) of logo
  • Desired logo size (e.g. 20% of cover)

We will get back to you within 1 business day (more often within a few hours) with your initial quote and a proof / example of your customized portfolio.


Q: How much of a discount do you offer?
A: It depends on the quantity. The larger the order, the larger the discount. The minimum order to qualify for a discount is 10 portfolios.

Q: Is there a minimum quantity for customized portfolios?
A: Technically, no. But, there are some fixed costs so we suggest ordering at least 25 to reduce the cost per unit.

Q: How much are the fixed costs?
A: The fixed costs are mainly determined by the size of the logo and will be detailed in the quote once you are happy with the proof and the size of the logo is known. As these are one-off costs, if you order more of the same customized portfolios after the initial order, you don't need to pay this again so you cost per unit continually goes down.

Q: How long before we receive our customized portfolios?
A: You will usually receive them with 7 days of payment being received.

Q: Can we have the Lautus Designs logo removed / moved?
A: Unfortunately not. We manufacture thousands of portfolios at a time so your logo will be added to "retail-ready" portfolios. The only way we can modify the design of the portfolio and our logo is if you are ordering more than 500 portfolios.